How It Works

Search For A Parking Space

  1. Search

    Search for parking anywhere across the country for as little or long as you like in 30 minute intervals.

  2. Make a Booking

    Use the planner to select a time & date you want to park for.

  3. Parking

    Turn up at the agreed time. The owner will be aware of your booking.

  4. Leaving

    Make sure you return to your car and leave within the time that you booked. Message the owner if there are any issues with your allocated time.

  5. Feedback

    A form will be sent to you a number of days after your parking is complete. Please provide honest feedback on your parking experience to help others benefit from the service.

  6. Repeat

    Continue using Prime Park to save money and get prime parking locations from the ease of your phone, tablet or computer.

Rent Your Parking Space

  1. List Your Parking Space

    Use our signup form to quickly and easily add your parking driveway for rent. Keep your calendar up to date to ensure your space is free when you say.

  2. Add Space Details

    Adding clear and concise details and photos about your space will ensure renters can easily park in your space. Clear photos are important to ensure there is no confusion over the parking slot available.

  3. Accept Bookings

    You'll receive a text and email when a renter is interested in your parking space. Respond as quickly as you can to ensure you secure the booking.

  4. Take Booking

    Once confirmed, your parking guest will arrive at the time they've given. Feel free to meet and greet but it isn't necessary.

  5. Repeat

    Sit and take more bookings to earn more and more from your empty driveway.