State of Origin Parking

Have you ever tried parking during State of Origin? Between the sweaty, excited crowds and the hassle of finding a decent park, it can be a nightmare.

Whether you’re looking for parking near Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, ANZ Stadium in Sydney or the MCG in Melbourne, using the official stadium parking can be mighty expensive and you have to get there incredibly early. Public transport is always packed, and after many hours of enjoying the game, shouting until you think your lungs will burst, you want the simplicity and convenience of being able to get in your car and drive home.

Get To The Game On Time

If you’re searching for Suncorp Stadium parking or parking at one of Australia’s other stadiums, look no further. We’ve got you set.

Using the Prime Park system for parking is an easy way to get to the game on time and save money while still getting a prime parking spot.

How do you do it? The steps are super simple.

  1. Simply search for parking near your desired stadium.
  2. To make a booking, use the planner to select the date of the game and the time you’re looking to use the service. Parking is available in 30 minute intervals, so you can choose the amount of time you’d like to park at the spot without paying for extra time.
  3. Arrive at the agreed time. The owner of the parking space will be notified about your booking.
  4. Return to your car and leave before your booking time expires. Make sure to message the owner if you have any issues with your allocated time.
  5. You will receive a form in the mail a few days after your parking is complete. Please give honest feedback on your parking experience to help others benefit from the service.
  6. Repeat!


Here are some parking spots in stadium areas:

ANZ Stadium (Sydney)

Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane)

State of Origin 2016

This year, Game 1 will take place in Sydney at ANZ Stadium on Wednesday 1 June.

Game 2 will take place in Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday 22 June.

The finale will be played back in Sydney on Wednesday 13 July.

To scoop up tickets your tickets before they all sell out, visit the official State of Origin site. Don’t forget to book your parking with Prime Park to make your night that much easier.

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