5 Awesome Things About Being Designated Driver

You might think you’ve drawn the short straw, but there are many cool and unexpected perks that come with being a designated driver.

Here are five awesome reasons why you should put up your hand to give your friends a safe ride home next time you and your friends go out.

Why You Should Be the Designated Driver

Perk #1: Your bank balance is super healthy

With drinks flowing freely and cocktails costing $10 or more, the rounds you buy for friends can quickly add up, deflating your wallet or bank account. One benefit of giving up alcohol on a night out is that you save a ton of money, while still enjoying the liberated atmosphere, jokes and party energy.

Perk #2: You’ll strengthen your friendships

When you stay sober, you can stay sharp and act quickly on your feet to help out or protect friends who have had too much to drink. By helping out others in need, you’ll earn a reputation for being an awesome and reliable friend. And who doesn’t want that?

Perk #3: You can still enjoy the ‘high’ of the atmosphere

Even without a drink in your hand, you’ll still get to soak in the relaxed or party atmosphere. In fact, you might enjoy it even more! From watching your friends’ hilarious antics to having a great time on the dance floor, there are still heaps of activities you can enjoy fully without alcohol. And as the night goes on, you’re likely to see plenty of generosity from friends, in the form of gas money or even free food.

Perk #4: You’ll feel great the next day

No sick-to-the-pit-of-your-stomach hangovers for you. Not only will you feel amazing for giving your friends a safe ride home, the next day will feel bright and cheery without a head-splitting headache and unsettling waves of nausea!

In the long term, drinking less alcohol will keep your body healthy and you’ll smartly avoid alcohol-related health problems such as high blood pressure, liver inflammation, and a weakened immune system. You’ll also steer clear of potential injuries from dangerous behaviour or alcohol-fuelled fights.

Perk #5: You’re basically a superhero saving lives

This one’s a no-brainer: When you’re done for the night and ready to take your friends home, you can end the night on your call, ensuring everyone makes it home nice and safely. One of the best benefits of giving up alcohol for the night is that you prevent friends and loved ones from getting behind the wheel drunk, potentially saving their lives.

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